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It's quite difficult to sum up in a page what A4W is, so lets look at what it's goals are - that's easier - to produce a more confident individual who can advance in their chosen sphere.

This is acheived with an extensive use of practical drama, discussion and explanation and guidance. A4W specialises working with those on the autistic and allied spectrum conditions.

However anyone within the basic criteria can take part.

What you see on this page is stills and video examples at randam of work completed at the station.

Explanations then follow to give an insight to that work.


Above:- The first meeting of Team Skelton - 3 talented brothers give their improvised version of Lord of The Flies - a popular early drama opener.

#The 2016 New year video from The Halfling project - showing some work from 2016 - the year act4ward began to take over video work.

whilst singing is not normally part of the act4ward work Luke Blackmore has a background of musical theatre and here sings "Used to be" - one of two versions he did one about the boy the other about the girl. [2018]

Still images still have a place in modern casting and editorial work, and ofcourse flat page advertising. Above is SonnyBoy Skelton in an informal style headshot. Many agents have a set style for their clients headshots so many styles are covered, as well as location and studio style work One distinctive feature of William David work with males is the low or none use of skin softening and image manipulation techniques used today. This is however covered during the work to inform those taking part of how the industry operates and what it sometimes expects.


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