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joining & taking part in A4W

On this website I am going to refer to working with act4ward open series of work.

This is the work you see online and on this website.

Open series was set to give anyone with the enthusiasm to take part the chance to take part without it costing a fortune.

Indeed if you are selected to join the open series it puts you on a time for agreement where my time and your are equal - so we pay each other nothing.

In return i get example of work, and trial ideas with you, and you get a load of results in mixed media for your profile or collection of work.

The first meeting is always free - and from that you will be if selected invited to continue on time for terms agreement. 

Should you not be selected [there may be no space at that time] then you have the option of continued work on a chargeable basis - which will take into account your situation at the time - eg at school, unemployed etc.

Costs by intention are kept low - but A4W like anything else does have running costs!!

The first step is to get in touch - e.mail pp@act4ward.uk and let's talk!