examples   & explanations of the work

Building up confidence and range is not just a visual thing. Sound work is great for confidence building and let's the imagination run riot within drama.

acting4ward it's about.......

acting / Drama


Photography is a major part of acting4ward.

The first introduction will include a photoshoot covering a range of portraits and character style shots intended to gauge potential range, current confidence level and future planning.

How we advance from there depends on the age and  brief of the individual.

These images can be used by those taking part and may feature within  act4ward/Halfling project .

The use of video and film techniques encourage drama and acting and prepares new young actors/performers for what lays ahead working with the moving camera. 

This includes the making of self tapes and audition/casting style work

The different styles of acting over the years of film is a particular theme.


Not everyone who works on acting4ward wants to be

a professional performer. Those who do will be encouraged but the use of drama is a great key to

confidence building and self discovery.

it has a particular benefit to those within the special needs remit of The Halfling Project


The Halfling Project is a not for profit aspect of William David Wildven work.

It is designed to build and promote understanding of the invisable conditions within the austistic spectrum and allied conditions, and deal with problems in boys growing up or simply there as a support. Boys do not have to be autistic to take part.

Confidence building is more often than not via performance. It can also include discussion and support. It is not however the "postitive/negative" approach so often seen - and encourages an open  informal environment with the full involvment of parents if desired. Those under 18 must have full parental consent and chaperone/family member attrendance

the halfling project

gaining confidence