examples   & explanations of the work
acting4ward it's about.......  the pictures!

The different styles of acting over the years of film is a particular theme.

The rise of video both within my work and the industry castings and profiles can at times over shadow the power of stills images if done well.

In an age where everyone has a camera of sorts, never has there been more images taken - and that sadly has for many lowered thee value.

Whole portfolio's of over skin smoothed portraits abound even in so called professional  headshots.

Whilst it is rare to use film now - digital does not have to produce poor results and the skills of lighting and focus still apply today.

Photography within act4ward is shot simply and with an old fasioned style which befits a photographer who qualified 40 years ago!

Last seen wearing:- a storyboard of images planned for video & audio work later with SonnyBoy Skelton - Summer 2017