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acting4ward it's about.......  the sound

The different styles of acting over the years of film is a particular theme.

To an actor sound is very important - sound not only conveys the words but also the emotions, the atmosphere of a scene in ways never thought of by the average viewer.

Although sound may be recorded live - thats often for reference with the main scenes and sounds introduced later by character ADR and sound effects.

Then we have narration, and speaking for animation work - dubbing singing to an actors movements by a professional singer or a musical instrument added to the actions of an actor playing it by someone who actually can.

Add to this voice controi, character accents the list goes on and on.

Even silent movies need sound - music for example portrays the atmosphere to a scene - be frightened here, happy here , sad now...

It's a massive subject and one that act4ward only covers in it's simple form - like fight training and stunt work this is a specialist field best left to those trained fully in it.

So with act4ward we cover the subject simply, find out and then encourage the actor to seek professional help where required in say the field of voice coaching - but with the confidence to seek that training and advance.

Behind the scenes  with Luke & Jon discussing voice work [video above 2017]

Video below:- The Dictators Speech with Jonathan Thorp [2018]

Video Below:-  Lord Of the Flies - early sound work with Josh [2016]