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The different styles of acting over the years of film is a particular theme.

The biggest change in the three years since act4ward was first planned is the advancement of video for castings and introductions.

Showreels are as old as the hills, but the self tape is quite recent, where an actor applies for a casting by a video performance..

The You tube generation have few problems with this, and the i phone [or similar] is all they need to make them.

Some go further with good use of video on acting profiles and social media.

Act4ward encourages this and in the past two years has put more investment into video work.

Like with photography I use modern equipment with old film techniques where I can - and keep things simple.

The purpose of act4ward is not to make films to promote act4ward but to make them to promote actors and make them confident with the meduim.

This year [2018] for the first time video is likely to have more time spent on it than photography - although both remain important in the work.

Much of the act4ward video work for 2018 studies the history of film making and cinema. The acting techniques and the film styles.

The short film about with Luke blackmore is a not to serious "advert" for the Pathescope 9.5 movie camera from 1919.

The video below is much more upto date with Craig Bowen simply talking about his passion for theme parks to camera.                       This is one technique used to build up confidence with the camera, whilst remaining in your comfort zone.